Batch exporting multiple clips?

I have a 2 hour AVI Video File that was converted from 3/4 inch studio tape to digital.
It is 26gb so pretty large.
The video file consists of a Video/computer/arcade games review show I made for Cable access in the mid 90’s and I want to cut all the segments for upload as clips to my YT channel.
Is there any way in Shotcut for me to do all the simple cuts between scenes (probably about 25 clips) then batch export them?
Or do I have to isolate each clip, delete the rest, export then use the back arrow to restore the deleted whole then repeat?

Edit: I just imported the file and when I did the first cut of the colour bars 30s test picture at the start it crashed so I’m also wondering if Shotcut will be able to process such large file sizes?

If your configuration is sufficient for a 26 GB file, create a zone marker for each clip. Then export each clip by selecting the zone marker in the Export window:
(No need to cut video)

Thanks so much.
Massive help.

Considering it’s an .avi file I think you should first use the Convert function to make it edit-friendly. Avi files are usually a big pain. Otherwise a 26GB file should not be a problem by itself.

As an alternative to the markers export, you can split your file into as many subclips as you want then drag them each in the playlist as separate entries, then you can then use the “From: each playlist item” in the export panel so you don’t have to click export so many times.

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Wowza that sounds like a great mass export list.
I didn’t know you can do the opposite of drag clips from playlist to timeline. So I drag the split off clips to the playlist then batch export the playlist? What’s the command to do that?

Also, did you mean I can convert the file type form AVI in Shotcut? I’ll be exporting as MP4 anyway so if I can convert the source AVI to MP4 before editing that would be great. How do I do that?

I double checked and you can’t simply drag them, (you need to pass them through source first) so you need to click on a subclip in timeline, Ctrl+C (to copy it - this places it in the Source) then click the big + sign in the playlist window.

Look for the “From” field in the export window, then choose “Each playlist item”:


Go to the properties panel (with a clip selected) and click on the Convert button at the bottom.

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