Basic math in input fields

Please add the ability to append +___ or -____ or /____ so on so forth to the end of input fields of filters to adjust parameters. This would save me hours per project of flip-flopping between calculators and Shotcut to get the values I need for cropping and size/position/rotate, which is all my projects even are since I’m just creating galleries of multiple clips. The game engine Unity does a similar thing and by god is it ridiculously convenient. It doesn’t need to be anything insane, just anything would be a huge help, I’d just really really appreciate it if I could add a “+100” at the end of an input field that says “100” and then have the result turn into 200. If this could be added at some point, I would be forever grateful. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.


Blender and GIMP also feature this.

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