Basic Editing Functionality

Hello, I just started using Shotcut and I love it. It’s a bit crashy, but nothing compared to Vegas, so kudos on that front!

What I was looking forward was some really fluid editing capabilities and those aren’t really there. There’s a massive delay between dragging something and seeing the feedback on the screen. Sometimes when I try to drag something to fit a certain space, the edit just snaps back to how it was earlier. Overall, super clunky, laggy, and frustrating.

There’s a lot of potential in the editing. I see what you were trying to do and I like the ideas. It just needs to be a lot more fluid. It’s currently getting in the way of the very super basic workflow.

So, instead of concentrating on adding more features, my suggestion would be to work on making the basic functionality of the program (you know, the stuff you do 99% of the time) better. You can use them as it is but it’s not a pleasant experience. In my opinion, it needs a lot of work.

Thank you for this wonderful free application! Can’t wait to see what comes out of it. :slight_smile:

Stability is nice, new features are too. Did you hear? Yesterday’s release (18.05) has some basic keyframe functionality! If I it was up to me to decide what the developer should do (it is not), I wouldn’t know whether to pick stability or expansion of keyframe functionality.

Many bugs might only be fixed in a timely manner when reports are written at with enough investigative work by the reporter, so that the developer doesn’t have to start wasting a lot of time on trying to reproduce it. Unfortunately this means a lot of work and time spent.

Wow, sounds like you have an unstable computer, most people don’t experience anything like that.

What are you computers specs? Which OS are you using and which version of Shotcut did you download and from where?

Thanks for the reply, qubodup.

I mentioned the stability as a sidenote, really. I’m afraid I don’t really have any idea what was causing the crashes or much time to investigate it. It’s unfortunate, but with the robust recovery system the application has, I’m not too worried about occasional crashes.

You’re right about it being difficult to choose between what to implement. I’m a firm believer in spending a lot of resources in the user interface and usability of an application. As a software developer, it absolutely eats a lot of my time and as a result means less time available for implementing new features. It is a difficult thing, but I also think that people these days are paying more and more attention to usability.

Thanks for the reply, Steve_Ledger.

I haven’t experienced any unstabilities with any other applications on my computer. Sony Vegas has always been extremely unstable on every PC I’ve tried it on and I’ve heard similar experiences from everyone that I know who has ever touched it. Pretty much everything else is running just fine on my PC.

I’ve got the latest Win10 with KB4093105. 8700k, 16GB ram. Did a fresh install of Win10 last December and like I said, no unstability problems whatsoever with anything else. I downloaded the program from about a week ago.

You say that most people don’t experience anything like what I experience. That is interesting indeed, if you have that data. I didn’t notice Shotcut asking permission for sending user data anywhere. Does it do that without permission?

I don’t experience any lag with this program. It does help to edit from a dedicated SSD for faster speed. The slower your hard drive, the slower your experience will be. At least this is what I’ve experienced.

I watched all of the tutorials I could find, and everything worked the way it was demonstrated and every day I learn more and more about this program.

Hopefully you’ll find a program that works the way you expect it to for free, or paid.

That ‘snapping back’/reversal of commands thing you mention drives me nuts too. Even with the magnet off the program often tells you what to do rather than the other way round. Sometimes I’ll close and re-open just to move a clip into the right position. I definitely second the ‘focus on the basics first’ mentality.

I just tried your advice with Firefox, but I can’t get this link to work.

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Shotcut doesn’t send that data but people with problems regarding stability here on the forum(not the best cross section i’m sure) are few and far between and usually can be traced to something. The big one a lot of people stumble on is the gpu processing is still experimental, if you have it enabled it’s possibly the source of some of your crashes.

I do plenty of things for free too and personally I appreciate honest opinions so I know if something needs fixing or if I’m on the wrong track altogether.

Shiny happy feedback doesn’t do a thing to help squish bugs.

I still think that quite a bit of frustration being vented on the forum would not happen if a popup window appeared when you switched on GPU (experimental) warning you that this experimental feature should only be used if you know what you are doing and you use it at your peril (similar to the warning window that pops up if you click the “use WebVfx” tickbox on the Overlay HTML feature).

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Personally I think if people just experimented with new software before committing to an important edit without first testing, many of the problems would vanish instantly.
Patience has many rewards.


This is true, shotcut was the 4th or 5th editor I tried when I was looking.

This is the first editor and only editor I’ve tried. Watched several recommended video editing software top x lists on YouTube and Shotcut was in every one of them. I’m trying my best to have applications that will also work with Linux.