Basic Audio Visualizateing

Id like to be able to create music videos with audio visualization, but for what iv seen the only way to do so is to use adobe effects…

It would be neat to be able to do it in shotcut.


What kind of visualizations are you interested in? Can you provide examples?

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Something like this, some basic lines that I can change color to and move with the audio.

Thanks for the example. I think I understand what you are looking for.

I added some audio visualization features to MLT (the library used by Shotcut) some time ago:

I think the spectrum filter would be most like the example you provided. But I haven’t tested them to see if they are suitable for real-time processing. I’ll look into it and see if we can make a Shotcut filter from them.

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Thanks! Ill look into how to add the plugings right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant find it, where can I get the plugin?
The link talks about it but it does not talk about the download and installation of it.

There is no Shotcut plugin to expose the filters yet. I will look into writing one.

Does that mean I can’t get the audio spectrum?

Not today. I need to write the plugin first. I’ve started on it. I think it will work OK. Would you be interested in testing a beta version?

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I have attached an alpha version of a plugin to add an audio spectrum filter. Before I refine it, I would like a little feedback. You can install the plugin by extracting the contents of the zip file into your Shotcut filters folder. Mine is located here:

C:\Program Files\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Alright im installing it right now; also sorry I could not reply yesterday, my pc has some issues connecting to the internet and sometimes it takes up to weeks for it to suddenly work again.

Sorry but I could not find it in the effects it was nor on video or audio.

Wait, got it working, I was searching for spectrum instead of audio spectrum and that was why I could not find it.
Also on the process I modded the files a bit just in case it had to do with the file names.
But it works and its very very neat!


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Great. Let me know how it works for you. I am particularly interested in how the performance is for you and if you find any bugs.

Before I make it part of the release, I also want to add a gradient feature so that you can specify a color gradient rather than a single color. I also need to add some tooltips because it is not obvious what some of the options do. Feedback welcome on that.


All right, I will mess around with it trying to find bugs.

So far it looks amazing but I got one small complaint, I cant seem to copy and paste the spectrum (I wanted to overlap the spectrum to make it look like a rainbow but the copy and paste buttons did not do anything) so I had to do the rainbow by hand.

Also side note: can you please make this chatbox compatible with Grammarly?

Edit 2: Hey, here is what I made with the editor.

Thank you so much for helping me!

Uh oh, found an error, if the audio is on another channel it wont show the spectrum, meaning that I have to add the video clip to the audio, export it and then take the whole video with audio to add the spectrum.

That is not an error. That is by design.

Just put the video on one track, and the audio on another track. Then apply the visualization to the audio track and composite them together. This allows you to apply effects to visualization without also applying them to the video. For example, apply the glow filter after the spectrum filter and it adds some pop.

hi found this page here. I am also heavily interested in sound visualizing. Is the plugin released already?
Can i find it in my shotcut programm or do i need to download additional stuff?

Is there a page or something with an overview what plugins are available? I am new to shotcut :slight_smile:

I extracted the files of the spectrum file ,but when I go into Shot Cut it does not show the feature? I need help.