Balance audio isn't working after export

While I’m editing my video, I have my left ear playing one song and my right playing another, but after I export the video it blends together and plays both in both ears, despite the fact it was perfectly fine when I play it in shotcut. So if anyone knows why this is happening or how I could fix it, that would be greatly appreciated.

I made a simple project with a stereo audio track. I modified with the audio balance filter between right and left channel and exported with YouTube preset, without modifications.
Here is a screenshot of the running project.
You can also see in the lower right part the graphic window of the keyframes applied to this audio balance filter.
I modified some of the static images to make the project a little more artistic but without great pretensions.


Your problem is with two two-channel audio sources?
As a test, you can use the balance filter on each audio source to emphasize the right or left channel (as you like) and minimize the other channel.
I don’t know if I’m explaining well. I use an online translator.
I start with two-channel audio (50% each), then move the sound all the way to the right channel, then move the sound to the left channel with a minimum ramp.
Then I get back to the initial value with the sound on both left and right channels. For a short time I send the audio to the right channel and finally I balance it again to the center.
That’s what you see in the balance keyframe graph (bottom right).
Sorry for the poor quality of the editing, but for explanatory purposes I think it’s enough.

Thanks, I double checked every thing and it did seem to work oddly enough when I toggle 7.1 surround sound it doesn’t work, but it works normally so… thanks!

I never did a 7.1 project, so I never tested the behavior of this on Shotcut. :open_mouth:
I’m glad it works well for you.
Many times, I discover things about Shotcut when I try to understand a user’s question in the forum.
I had never used the audio balance filter before and it seemed like the perfect excuse to play with this.
Ahh, I forgot: Welcome to this community.:slightly_smiling_face:

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