Background tracks video disappears, during a video transition

I’m aware this bug has been around for some time and the fix I used for it is to add a default rotate and scale filter to the transition itself, which then shows the background layer. However, I just want it tracked for a fix at some point.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create two tracks
  2. On the bottom track add a still background image full screen e.g 16:9
  3. On the top track have two clips and add a transition that are a smaller size, say two 4:3 clips

On player back, the background layer will disappear during the transition even in the areas the video track doesn’t display.

Example footage of issue:

Known work around add a rotate and scale filter to the transition, to display the background layer. Test in Shotcut version 19.04.30 (Latest as of writing)

The issue can be seen at 0:18

I suggest the following workaround as long as the bug persists: don’t place the frame decoration on a background track, instead place them on the foreground track. You might have to convert the image used to PNG and make the middle transparent in for example GIMP

Yes, that work around would be a bit cleaner than my one, as you wouldn’t need to add scale and rotate to every transition as I do.

Another possible workaround is to add an alpha channel adjust to the clips before creating a transition.

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