Background of text overlays

Using the “type” filter, I find a very transparent grey background is added along with the text. It’s almost invisible when the video is relatively dark, but quite noticeable if it is light.

Am I missing an adjustment?

The same is not true with the Overlay HTML filter, but that adds a level of difficulty when all I want is to strip in a speakers name.

Click the color for the background and look for the (I think it is an opacity/transparency slider in linux and alpha channel value in windows, not sure about Mac) and change it to your desired level. Not sure why the default is not a fully transparent background for text either.

Thank you. I did notice that the background button had a slight color, but assumed that was just to make it easier to distinguish.

I changed the default background color to be transparent for the next version.

Opacity of clip can’t be zero! Opacity of the clip affects the text box background.
I usually default to zero opacity for the majority of my videos, so flown in stills that aren’t the same aspect ratio have black borders and don’t show the video clip behind. IHTH