Background noise reduction

i have edited a video but the audio is making it worse. please suggest me how can I remove background noise?

“Noise and audio” is a very broad subject.
Kindly post more details, for example:

  • is the audio worse after editing?
  • was the audio always bad and you want to use SC to remove it?
  • what kind of noise is it, general “white” noise or some other disturbance that may not be so continuous?
  • what filters have you tried thus far to remove/reduce the noise?
  • estimated level of unwanted noise to wanted sound?

The more info you supply, the more chance you have of others being able to help you.

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Export the project to WAV, remove the noise in an audio editor, export from it, and replace the audio in your project with the new audio.

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noise reduced after i applied high pass and low pass filter…thank you for replying

thank you, can you suggest me from where i can get background music (free)?

Free stuff here.


Please be aware that there are various versions of “free”.
It depends on the nature of your project, i.e. commercial, educational or private use,
and even the platform you will be hosting/placing your videos on.

There is also the issue of attribution and copyright and things like ability to create a derivative work,
based on an existing one.

Best get familiar with your local laws and what you can and cannot use.
When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
Last thing anyone needs is some blood sucking lawyer hounding you.

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