Background is not being transparent

I added in an image I searched up in google, a transparent image and dragged it on the video then put it on the timeline. For some reason, the image keeps the grey and white square background instead of making it invisible. I tries png, jpg invisible background images and none work. Please help how I can make the background invisible, as I also tried to crop it out on a program then add it, but instead had a white background.

example of a photo I tried to add in video which kept the background as grey and white squares:

That is a JPEG image, which cannot contain an alpha channel for transparency. Also, you need to use more than one video track in Shotcut and put the image with transparency on an upper video track with something underneath to utilize the transparency.

what do you mean? and I did put the image in another track, as its on V2 and the video is on V1 and the V2 track is transparent and i tried using other pictures

I still need help, as when I use a png converter and have a seperate track called V2, I drag the png to the screen then put it on V2 and it still has the square background. How will I get png images and why is this not working? I also tried photoshop to crop the background out and save as a png image. Did not work. The background was white still (for the image, the image for the layers work, but theres still a background on the image.)

I found the solution, which I did in photoshop and did a trick to make the background transparent and i uploaded it on shotcut and the background was finally gone.

What was your trick. I am having the same problem with an animated title I’ve rendered in after effects… it is a transparent image but when I upload it to Shotcut to its own video track it does not play as a transparent title?

I basically cropped the background out with the magic tool and unlocked the layers then I uploaded the image as a png file, then I dragged it on the video SCREEN then dragged it on a separate track that was transparent (video track, click open other, add color, just click ok to make it transparent) and then the transparent background actually worked and there was no white background. You need to make the picture a PNG file and crop the background out with magic tool and if your on photoshop then unlock the layers.


Thanks to everyone helping me sort out uploading the titles I’d bought but weren’t loading as a transparent title.

By rendering out in After Effects in Quicktime and RGB + Alpha channel enabled me to download to shotcut and play as a transparent. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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