AVI Format Support

I want to upload videos from cameras, but their video format is AVI. What about adding this as a supported video format? Whenever I upload it, it “fails to upload,” So I thought it was not supported. Can supporting AVI cameras be a new update feature? Thanks.

AVI containers are supported. How are you trying to add the files to ShotCut?

If you are trying to add them directly from the camera to ShotCut, then that might not work. I don’t remember what thread it was, but somebody was trying to add files straight from camera / phone, and that wasn’t working - probably because it doesn’t show up as a regular drive, but rather a special device that the system (in my case, Windows) only has limited access to by having to talk to the camera, rather than having direct access to the files. Try copying the file (using e.g. Explorer, on Windows) to a local drive first.

If your file is on a local drive, can you provide a sample video that fails to import?

You have to dig in the avi and tell use what’s inside this container.
Give the media info