Av1 still cant be captured (from usb to hdmi) in beta 210215

Av1 still cant be captured (from usb to hdmi) in beta 210215

Can you provide more detail on what you’re trying to do? Does “capture” mean real-time recording of the screen, or real-time encoding from a capture device like a Blackmagic Shuttle? If so, AV1 will not work for this yet. Not even the RTX 3090 GPU supports real-time AV1 encoding. AV1 is just too much math to be real-time at a decent quality level using today’s processors.

As i wrote i have a usb to hdmi capture dongle . ( just a generic Chinese one) ( Didnt wrote i try to capture 1080p) .
This thing works as a webcam .
I understand i dont have hardware encoding for av1 .
Converting to AV1 works fine . ( tried sources : mp4 avc and mp4 hevc ) .
Doing a conversion seems more math to me .
For the real time capture my cpu works about 50% at max and sometimes i find a 3 sec file and most of the time nothing inside it.
It seems somthing there is not configured programmaticly correct to work with a non dedicated gpu hardware but a cpu (hence what is called “software”) .

But was the conversion real-time? If not, then encoding can’t keep up with the input from the USB capture device.

That’s possible. I defer to other people on that configuration. But even if it were configured, real-time AV1 encoding is still very demanding. Some Xeon Golds can pull it off, but not much else.

AV1 is too slow to use with capture. Don’t do that!

Your are both right .
I wish there was some wiz kid that could incorporate other hardware encoders to be used into one Av1. There are so many : hevc , vp9,vp8, avc .

A year from now, you should hopefully get your wish. That will be a good day for everyone.

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