currently I have again many pictures, which I want to bring to the same size/length (e.g. 30 frames).
Currently I select one after the other and size them by mouse, that is good, works fine, but takes a lot of time.
Is there a possibility to select one and that there is a menu (or so): Bring to size 30 frames?

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Did you try doing this?

Import the first picture, set the desired duration and make it the default, import the other images and add them to timeline.

I’ll keep that in mind! Thank you!

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If you don’t mind using another application to do the work you can use autohotkey to trim your images to the exact length you want.

This script will do it. Set the number of loops = to the number of images, the script is set to 5. Set the number of frames, the script is set to 30. Put the images on the timeline.

Position the play head at home position. Run the script. Activate the script using Ctrl + Q.

Trim.txt (217 Bytes)

Change the extension to ahk if you want to use the script.



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Thank you! I will give it a try, only I’m currently focused on my new video for Youtube.
But then I will make a test project…

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Nice script @sauron!

Just for information, alternatively, the code send, {PgDn} will advance one second (and be much quicker, if indeed one second is what you want…).

My project was set to auto using 25 fps. Made the script just for demo purposes. It’s fun to watch things happen without user intervention.:smiley:

The proper way to set duration is the what Elusian said in post #2.:+1:

Very satisfying indeed!!! :grin:

I’m getting scared!

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