Automatically spread picture throughout the whole audio track?

Hi, i just wanna turn a .wav file and a .png file into an mp4 video. When i put in the picture, its only in the timeline for 3 seconds or so and i have to manually drag it out until the end of the audio track. Is there a way to automatically match the picture length to the audio length?

Also i would like to know what the best codecs and settings are so that the exported video has the absolute same audio quality as the wav file that im using (because the different things ive tried so far slightly decrease the “sharpness” of the audio, kind of


If you know the audio length, just type it in the box shown above.
You are the automatic way. :slight_smile:
There is no automatic one-click-does-all function for this.

where can i type in the duration?

Click on the link above.

Shows you this…

oooh oops haha sorry :smiley: thanks a lot

An answer to your second question: If you are fine with a larger file size, you could just use the audio contained by WAV with “pcm_s16_le”. This is the standard setting of FFmpeg for handling WAV files. This will suffice for most users who want to achieve the best audio quality - and have an appropiate file, like you.
Do you need additional instructions?

thanks a lot, i tried it but the export failed. I guess i have to pair that audio setting with a certain video setting right? I want 1080p, fps should be irrelevant as it is just a picture.

Did you use .mp4? It does not support lossless audio or at least not PCM.

yes mp4, which one can i also use that is supported by youtube?

AVI is supported by YouTube.
But you know that YouTube is converting the video and audio of files, right? I use WAV files for my editing process but use AAC for the YouTube export, since there is no real advantage for such a quality. I set the video resolution to 1440p to force YouTube to use a higher quality codec.

oh okay so the best option for optimal quality on youtube would be avi with aac in 1440p? would the 1080p picture be decreased in quality if i put the video 1440p? So then id have to make 1440p pictures

You can also use .mp4 and aac. No need for avi in this context. Just use the recommended settings.
No that is not necessary. It will not decrease the quality. To achieve the best video quality, you should not use the hardware encoder.

thank you very much :slight_smile:

i just uploaded the video and youtube only makes it available in 360p O.o

ah nervermind i just checked, youtube just takes a while for it to become available in other quality levels

the audio quality though is worse than in the original video even on 1080p…

By the way, you can right-click on your video and select “Stats for nerds” and compare the itag on Wikipedia ( to look up the codecs used by YouTube. That might give you a hint of the quality.

You have to wait for the processing. It can take minutes to hours; why is a mystery to me.
You can try to upload an AVI with pcm_s16le for the audio codec. YouTube might use a better encoding/codec for it.
Unfortunately, YouTube is a blackbox and I was not able to find much information. I also strive for the best quality, but this is rather difficult to achieve with such an obscure type of handling.

It you try a comparison, please report that.

the problem is i cant figure out my own reference settings in the other software i used to use. I usually do my videos within the music software FL Studio, theres a plugin called ZGame Visualizer where i use the following settings:
the video settings are “Youtube 1080p” with 18 mbps Bitrate, 30fps
the audio is wav with a bitrate of 384 mbps, the codec is set to “default” which i dont know what it is.

with this setup i get perfect mp4 audio quality with no difference to the wav file, but im trying to use shotcut now because that ZGame thing does has some crazy bugs with several projects where in the exported video the audio might have some kinda weird artefacts and stutters and so on. Couldnt figure out why so im looking for an alternative, havent found anything yet though that doesnt decrease the audio quality in the final video…

with the current video i noticed that allthough the video itself was ok, the final youtube video was kinda muddy in terms of audio and also seems to be generally compressed a lot, which though didnt ever happen with the ZGame videos

man i dont know what to do right know

You are definitely encoding with a lossy codec, since 384 kbit/s is way too less to be anything lossless. Now, to find out the default codec, you can use MediaInfo ( It will display the codecs used and hopefully by exporting with the same codec and bitrate, you can achieve the same quality as before.
I do not understand why there is no information on the codec in ZGame Visualizer. I find that a poor choice.

i just tried to use that app but it doesnt show a codec name just the bitrate
also the properties within windows just show the bitrate… 2822 kb/s

How weird. If you switch via View > Tree to a more detailed view, is it displaying a codec?
Could you post a screenshot?
Is this bitrate of the audio or video stream?

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