Automatically scroll Timeline when moving a track with Up or Down

When editing a video you always have lots of audio/video tracks, for example for a small video I now have 13 tracks. In the Timeline, you can organise the tracks by selecting a track and then press SHIFT + ALT + Up or SHIFT + ALT + Down to move it up and down a couple of places.

However, when I move a track to outside of the currently visible area of the Timeline, it doesn’t automatically scroll up or down as well.

So when I move a track down a couple of places I have to scroll the Timeline (using scrollbar because the scroll wheel doesn’t work) to see if the track has moved to the place I wanted it.

Ideally the Timeline should move along with the moving track when it goes outside the curently visible area. So when I move a track up a couple of places, the Timeline should also start scrolling up when that track goes outside the upper visible part of the Timeline, so that the selected moving track always stays visible.

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That would be a useful improvement.

But meanwhile, and in case you don’t know: It takes only a fraction of a second to resize the tracks height with Shift + Mouse Wheel

This is done for the next release.

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