Automatically create default .stab files for Stabilize filter analyzer

Just a little improvement, that would save me lots of time and clicking. When using the Stabilize filter and clicking on the Analyze button, a file name for the .stab file has to be given.
Normally I just count them up, from 1.stab to n.stab, but sometimes I mess them up and need to clean up.
Could this please get a default value like video-file-name.stab?
And ideally, the Stabilize filter gets an additional checkbox ‘use default file name’ and does not open the file selector, when checked. So I just click on Analyze and that’s it.
The absolute deluxe-function would be another check box like ‘always Analyze with the default filename’, so after adding the Stabilize filter, Analyze would run with the default .stab file in the background without any further interaction.
Maybe this could be also usefull for others?

If you create a project folder, then it automatically creates the .stab file for you. It is mentioned under Changes here:

I must do something wrong here. I created a new project with a project folder. I add the stabilize filter and click on Analyze. Then I get asked for a file name for the stab file as before.
What would be the correct way to use this feature?

  1. Enter a project name
  2. click Start
  3. Open a video file
  4. (optionally, add it to the Timeline)
  5. Add the Stabilize filter
  6. click Analyze