Automate video editing/export with a specific profile on windows

I am creating shorts on youtube, and i grab video on internet that are not in the good format.

So i execute Shortcut, add the video, add it to the timeline add a filter to change the source & export it in 9/16. Doing all this on windows, is there a way to automate it with the shortcut.exe ?

I found people talking about melt :

Also found shotcut command line but… it does not look like it’s doing the job !

Do any of you have any ideas on how to do this ?


No idea ?Bump

You answered your own question. Melt is what you are looking for.

You can either learn the command line switches to make the edit you want, or create XML files and pass them to Melt. The Shotcut project files is a Melt XML file. So that is an easy way to learn.

Unless I’m missing something, the workflow seems straight-forward enough that FFmpeg alone could do this task without needing to get Shotcut or MLT involved. Would that be an option?

before trying to learn melt, I will check ffmepg, I will keep you updated, thank you guys

ffmpeg is really doing the job ! thank you guys

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