Automate calculation for size and position filter following crop filter

I want to use the crop filter and then use the size and position filter so the video is reduced to the cropped height and width. It would be nice if the calculation was done for me so I don’t have to do the subtractions manually and enter them in on my keyboard.

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Drag the selection bounding box handles to resize the ‘box’ down, then the center handle to position the cropped selection.
Couldn’t be simpler.

I think you mean for the size and position filter, right? That’s not really a good solution because you’ve basically left me guessing where the edges are. I don’t want the edges in approximately the right place, I want them in exactly the right place which requires a calculation. Computer programs are very good at calculations hence my feature request.

I choose ‘Fill’ then key in the size.

Indeed they are, but even the best computers require user input first.

The input is when I choose the crop. I shouldn’t need to input any more numbers after that.

Here I am again trying to crop a video and output the cropped video without black borders. I cannot find the numbers I need to input into Shotcut after cropping to avoid the letterbox borders rendered onto the video seen here in VLC (the grey vertical borders not the black horizontal ones added by VLC: