Auto sort dropped clips?

What’s the criteria by which clips dropped all at the same time get ordered by?
I have some 180 mini clips, few seconds each.
I want them in the order of the file names. Can i name them for example 001.mp4, 002.mp4 , 003.mp4 etc?
Or is there a particular way i can name them so they are in an order i want? (by some keyword on the file name)

They are dropped in the order you select them in your file manager. Select the first one. Then, shift+click the last one. Then drag/drop the selected files into Shotcut.

Also, there is Playlist > menu > Sort. This is a command: it runs once when you choose it. It is not like table or grid sorting in a database that keeps things sorted as you add more things because the playlist is designed to provide manual ordering.

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