Auto shutdown pc

is it possible to automatically shut down the pc (windows 10) after the end of a video rendering?

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That’s what I’m asking now again.
Will there be planned an auto shutdown after rendering?

Personally I’ve always thought that having an application shutdown the system is a bad idea - what happens if at the time other applications are running, or files are being transferred to/from cloud storage, what if the system is part-way through an update process etc…

If you are on a Windows system I’d simply modify the settings under “Power & Sleep” before you leave your long-running render. It’s much safer and less prone to losing work if you sleep or hibernate rather than shutdown.

On Windows there is the possibility of using the task scheduler, which can be configured to shut down the computer if in idle state. Of course, you have to use the task scheduler, but the valid objections raised by Elusien can be circumvented with this.

Doing it via the task scheduler is awfully fiddly, much more effort that setting a single option in the Sleep settings. See here for how to do it:
Shutting down a Windows system, for the most part, is a relic of the past. With sleep and hibernate, you get much more convenience, with little to no downside - see here for the reason why:’t-shut-down-your-computer-just-use-sleep-or-hibernation/

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And for WIN7?

Task Scheduler is available in Windows 7, just make sure the option “Configure for:” is set to “Win 7”.