Auto select clip at playhead position

Hi all.
I need some help. How to auto select a clip at playhead position? Whenever i move the playhead, SC should select the clip OR when i select a clip the playhead will also at the start/end of the clip. Tried looking at Setting but can’t find it. Most of the time i move the playhead and forget to select the clip and end up adjusting the filter setting from previous selected clip.

Edit: Double click the clip will move the playhead at the start of the clip but still can do auto slect clip at playhead position.

What if there are more than one tracks ? What clip will be selected ?
“The clip on the active track” I hear you say.
What if there is no track selected ?
Furthermore, if you constantly forget to select the right clip before adjusting a filter, how will you remember to select the right track before moving the playhead?

As a newbie, i only make 1 track each for video and audio. I can still see the thumbnail from the clip so i know where to place the playhead.

ctrl + Space bar to select under playhead

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This should do for now. Thanks.

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