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After two hours of producing one of my best videos thus far Shotcut “Not Responding” and I lost all of that time. I learned a very valuable lesson however I keep forgetting to hit the save button while I am in creative mode. I am accustomed to other products such as word, etc in which there is an autosave feature.

Is there an autosave mechanism in Shotcut so this doesn’t happen again?


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There is an autosave feature. It does not save to your project file, but rather to a hidden file in Shotcut’s app data folder. When you try to re-open a project (.mlt), then Shotcut checks to see if there is a matching auto-saved file in this hidden folder and offers to open that instead. If it does not give you that offer then you may have lost the work, but there was a bug in this area in some recent versions where it does not work correctly, but instead makes too many autosave files. From the menu, choose Settings > App Data Directory > Show… > autosaves. Sort that view in your file manager by Date modified to look for recently created files. You might find it in there.

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