Auto rotate 2D map to the current direction

I love GPS map. I was trying to make similar effect like in the game GTA where map automatically rotates, so I’m heading always in front of the map - same as in the GPS navigations where center point always heads to the front and whole map rotates as the car/bike rotates.

I record POVs from my bike and later importing gpx and create 2d map from it. It would be really cool if there was rotating map according to my direction at the current position. Thanks! Love this product.

On the left is first version, what I want to achieve is on the right, and it should be cropped after (same shape as before but following my current direction)


I’ll add this to my todo list as it sounds useful. No promises though, the drawing routine might need some bigger changes to accomodate this (unless I can find a workaround).

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