Auto correction filter

Hi all,

I´m using Shotcut to edit many short (2-4 minutes) badminton-training-videos, which i upload to youtube and then post on my website:
The conditions in the gyms are mostly bad, so i would like to see an auto-correction-filter in shotcut, which makes some automatic improvements such as: sharpness, brightness, contrast, etc.
Some other video editors (including some free ones) offer such filters. In shotcut (my favorite) I have not found anyone yet?!
I try to correct mostly by using 3-5 separate filters in shotcut.


You can use the Color Grading filter and save as a preset which can then be applied to any clips at will.
I have created many presets since using SC and find them either perfect or a better starting point, either way presets are a great time saver (if that’s what you’re looking for)
Sharpness is subjective and always destructive I find. Generally prefer to get it right in the camera.

The way you discribe is the way i always use in shotcut.
The conditions vary in the gyms, so í have to edit often.
Maybe an auto-correction-filter would be for other users a nice feature, too.
I can life without, but like it in other software.

Yes, sharpening is not for all videos a good solution. In badminton-trainingvideos it is useful to see details (shuttle, racket, grip). So here it is better than artful videos.