Auto color/hue/gamma stabilization?

Hello, I’m working with an old low res motion sensor trail cam video. The segment of interest is at twilight before the camera goes to auto infrared night mode. The video is very dark, orange and grainy. First I converted the low res 640x480 AVI to lossless super high res 1920x1440 MKV. I have been able to brighten and contrast, reduce noise then sharpen and color adjust to where it’s pretty decent and rebuild at 1440x960 H.264 MP4. One problem is hue/gamma variation. Not noticeable in original due to it being awful. Hue will go slightly more to even more red or green sporadically anywhere from 1 frame in between 10-20 to 3+ to 20+ frames randomly with varying frequency. I have created what I feel is a neutral that I’m satisfied with and a fix for red and green frame strings that I’m chopping up manually but it’s taking me forever to go through this 20 minute video which of course the lighting changes during the 20 minute time. Any filter I’m overlooking that does this or technique I can use to speed this up? I’m trying to make a professional looking final video. Thanks for any advice.

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