Audio waveform not synched to video

I recorded a few video clips on my xiaomi android phone within few minutes of each other at 30 fps,

While working on the project there was no problem with the first few clips. However, when I added the last clip which was much longer, the video and audio waveforms are not in sync.

So, I changed the audio from direct sound to waveform, and after I restarted shotcut, I rebuilt the audio waveform. The new audio waveform is not in sync with the video, but reverts back to the unsynched waveform as soon as I split the video clip.

I am enclosing screnshots to show what is happening.

The first screen shot is of the unsynced waveform after adding the videoclip to timeline.

Second screenshot shows the same waveform on rebuilding

Third screenshot shows how the waveforms go back to the unsynchedversion on splitting the clip

And the fourth screenshot shows the synched version of waveforms in the now split clips (I added the transition with the help of the markers).

Please help. I dont want to go through the same rigmarole everytime I want to split the clip and add transition.

I tried to go back to an earlier version of shotcut, but that did not help either.



Your clips are probably variable frame rate. See the description here and the instructions to convert them: