Audio/video out of sync after render

When I render, the audio/(video is out of sync. I read some other thred were to look at the framrate when rendering, but it’s the same as every video file in prosject (since they all were filmed by the same camera).

Really anoying to use that much time filming, mixing and editing…and then its out of sync. Framrate 25.

Any other tips appriciated.

Did you change Resolution or Frames/sec in Export?

No. As I said in the question, I checked other answars, and check that both video and rendering has 25fps. I even rendered another time just to check if I had done it wrong.

When you open a clip from this camera and look in Properties, does it show “variable” next to Frame rate? Also, what kind of camera is it?

Sony HX-90V. And is shows 25 as framerate in info (this can offcourse be changed in camera, but all the clips used in that video has the same setting. …this is what I checked…and same in rendering info.

I allso got the same unsync in another video using totaly differnt camera and settings…so…

I see the bit rate of the wav I used is different than the rendering settings…testing again now. I do not use any of the audio from the vid-clips.

did not help

I am sorry for your bad experience. I will do some investigation for the next release. In the meantime, I can only suggest to try to adjust Properties > Audio > Sync as a corrective measure - either on the source clips within the project or the rendered result if the sync offset seems to be constant throughout.

Hi. I hooked of the “use hardware encoder”. seems to help. (link is an unlisted video, new render. The only thing that I workd hard to be in 100% sync in the program when I edited was the lead vocal).

I allso rendered the other vid I talked about with other settings/camera, and it allso seems to help a lot. Not sure its 100%, but at least a whole lot better.

I will keep testing different things

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