Audio unintentionally removed

Hi There

I just created a new project, added a sound track, added a video and started to cut.
As you can see on the attached screenshot I marked an area on V1. When I do right click “Remove”, my audio clip is getting removed unintentionally.
Workaround: lock A1 or move the clip in V1 by hand to the left.

After playing around a bit with this a was also to get shotcut to crash.

I attached a screenshot, my mlt-project and my log file.

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Update: It not only removes from A1, when I remove in V1, it also removes in V2.

25.05.2018 Bireggwald.mlt (6.7 KB)
shotcut-log.txt (150.1 KB)

You might have Ripple all tracks on.


Hi Sauron
That’s it!
Thank’s a million!!
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