Audio transition between two clips with differen volum levels

New to Shortcut yesterday…
If I cut/split a audio track and reduce the volume in the second clip (in the timeline) with the «Gain/Volume» filter, How can I then get clean/smood transission between the to clips. Do I use a filter? Do I cut it into a third clip and do the transission in the middel clip? A filter??

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  • A good way could be to add a fillter TO THE TRACK. There is something called “normalize”.

  • Or you can create a transition, select it, go to transition, and you can adapt to what you want.
    this is how you can create L Cut for ex.
    Explainations here :

Thank you Keno40.
I my explained my self poorly or missunderstood your reply.
What I actualy is looking for is a filter or (or something else) that alow me to Fade Out Audio, but not completely (not to zero).
A combination between the Fade Out Audio filter and the posibility to set the volume at the end - with something like the Gain/Volume filter. Do you have that. :slight_smile:

Until keyframes are added to Shotcut you could approximate an audio fade by applying Gain/Volume to audio track and then splitting it multiple times (5 or 6?) and adjusting the volume in each one. The coarse adjustment of volume over several seconds of audio will be tolerated by your audience.


This might work for what you’re trying to do.
Overlap the two audio tracks and create a transition. This will fade out track A and fade in track B.

Thank you kenj69 and sauron.
Both yours suggested methods seems to work.
Splitting mulitpel times when changing the volume level in music track,
and the transission metod, when I have two different audio tracks.

I’ve been using this technique for “adjusting” audio volume on my interview videos. I’m using an underlying music track through the full length of the video but need sections to be softer so I don’t cover up the spoken words.

Start by adding TWO audio tracks to your timeline and make sure they are aligned. I set the lower track to the background volume I desire then set the upper track to full volume, split at the point I want a fade out, then split and cut the sections where I only want background music and finally Fade In where I want music to come back at full volume. You coud also just make your middle split sections MUTE, rather than actually cutting them. Just make sure to keep the tracks aligned!

Track 1 |---- fade out|-------------------------------------------------------|Fade In------------Fade Out| (full volume track)
Track 2 |------------------------------------------------------------------------Fade Out| (lowered volume track)


Track 1 |---- fade out| MUTE--------------------------- |Fade In------------Fade Out| (full volume track)
Track 2 |---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fade Out| (lowered volume track)

As you can see, Track 2’s volume is constant and you make the volume adjustments to Track 1.

TIP: Make sure your tracks are aligned by listening with both tracks at the same volume. If they are aligned, it will sound like a normal audio track. If mis-aligned, you will hear a sort of hollow, echo to the music.


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