Audio tracks not mixing

I’ve created my first couple of videos with Shotcut and really loving it.

I’ve had an issue with multiople audio tracks though. I think what should happen here is that as the music (in A1) fades out the talking (in A2) should fade in.

What actually seems to happen though, is that as soon as the audio in A2 starts the audio in A1 stops completely. Any dieas what I’m doing wrong.

Hopefully the attached screengrab sheds some light.

This is normal per your screenshot. The audio on A1 starts fade out when A2 comes in and then ends shortly thereafter. If A1 seems to end too soon then that is your normal hearing perception - a lower level is hard to hear especially when another sound source is much more prominent. If you do not believe it, then make a simple experiment by moving the audio clip on A1 so it starts at the same time as that on A2. The audio is mixing.

For the audio on the two tracks to mix, the fade out and fade in have to be of equal length.
In this example the music on A1 and the talk on A2 will mix.

Here, the music fades out then the talk fades in.
If the music and the talk are overlapped you will get a mix.


The audio fade filters in Shotcut are linear, not logarithmic, which means that fade-outs will sound like they are fading out extremely quickly. The fade on A1 is so long that it will probably be imperceptible by the halfway point. So essentially, A1 is fading out so fast that there’s nothing left to be heard because A2 hasn’t faded in yet. The tracks will require some shifting and possible fade duration modifications to sound the way one would expect. One option is to mute A2, listen to A1 alone, and pause the playhead at the level of sound that is desired for A2 to start. That provides an alignment point between tracks.

They are linear in dBFS, which is logarithmic.

I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

Sorry, I was typing fast and didn’t distinguish enough between perceptual and measured.

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