Audio tracks are shifted out of sync after reopening projects

I’m in Shotcut 17.12 on Windows 10 and was editing a large project and it took multiple days so I restarted my computer and reopened the project file. To my dismay, all my carefully timed audio clips in the Audio Track were time shifted at least 1 frame forward on the timeline.

When I initially saved the project, I had a bunch of video clips with audio clips that lined up with the exact start of the video clip, but now they all got shifted forward in time.
The biggest problem is that they didn’t all shift by the same amount. They started off being off by 1 frame, but by the end of my 5 minute video, they were 5-10 frames farther on the timeline from where they started.
If they were all shifted by the same amount, I could have just trimmed 1 frame off the the beginning on the 1st audio clip and all would have moved earlier, but I had to manually drag each one because they got more and more out of sync.

I’ve replicated the bug in new projects and it still shifts audio tracks forward after restarting Shotcut and reopening the project, sometimes by just 1 frame and sometimes more.

What if you ‘Lock’ the tracks before you Save and Close Shotcut?

It still happens. The 1st time, I locked both tracks, saved the project and then all the audio clips were timeshifted earlier by a few frames this time. But then I realigned all the audio tracks, locked tracks and re-saved the project and the audio clips went back to being time shifted a few frames later.

17.12.03 Windows 10 Pro 64bit 5 core AMD Phenom.

Yep, can confirm this happens here too.

When I downgraded back to version 17.11.07, the tracks stay in sync after closing Shotcut. So somehow this bug appeared in the last month’s commits

Happens to video clips as well.
The color clips on V1 were originally lined up with the splits on V2. After several saves the color clips shifted.
SC 17.12.03 Windows 10 Pro 64

Looks like it’s been reproduced and taken care of