Audio track start in the middle

Hi all,

First time posting here and a newbie in video editing.

I have inserted a mp4 audio in shotcut but the time I inserted it, it starts not on the beginning of the actual audio but starts at 0:09 of the track and report it as the 0:00 of the track

Can someone help me with this error?

Do you think this happened?
I intentionally set my playhead to :09 (9 frames), and dragged the audio from Source viewer to the timeline and letting it snap to the playhead instead of keep going and snapping to the start.

Without screen shots, or any more information it’s hard to know what actually happened. I can’t reproduce the bug with Shotcut version 18.09.16 64-bit.

Hi thanks for the reply,

I haven’t dragged the audio to the timeline yet. When I open it and run it from the source viewer, it still starts at 9 seconds but records it as the start (0 seconds) the full length of the audio clip is correct. The audio clip last about 32 seconds. It somehow fast forward my clip and record the 9 second time as the start as it’s very evident that my audio clip ends at 20 seconds but still the audio is still running and will end at 32 seconds.
That’s very odd.

I have no experience with m4a files, which I believe is mostly used by iTunes (could be wrong here). If you convert it to mp3 or even WAV then try it, do you get the same result?

Does the m4a file play fine with VLC media player or some other media player outside of iTunes?

And to clarify what the time code is:
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Frames

My clip play just fine with VLC and windows media player. I’ll try to convert it to mp3 and see if that solves my problem.

Hey thanks, Converting it to mp3 works.
But its odd for the program to have a bug using m4a.

Does the m4a file have more than one track? I believe by default Track 1 for the audio is selected.

nope, it has only 1 track


It does not have a bug with all m4a files. Not all m4a files are created the same. I do not have your file. Do you want to share it?

you can download it using this link:
google drive link

oh yeah. I forgot that I created that audio file using Microsoft speech platform running on balabolka

This file (and others like it, of course) have been fixed for the next release of Shotcut v18.10.

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