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I just watched James’s Shortcut tutorial for beginners.He demonstrated how to remove the audio track from the clip,however when I did remove and play the clip I still hear it, WHY ?
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I can see 2 reasons why you can still hear the audio:

  1. After detaching the audio, you didn’t delete the resulting audio track.
  2. You play from the Source tab instead of the Project tab.

Ah,got it. So “detach” allows you to “remove”,understand now.

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BTW,what would be the purpose of detaching without removing,??

Useful if you need to edit only the video part of a clip while the audio remains intact. Or edit only the audio part.

Also, if you only need the audio part of a clip, you detach the audio and delete the video track.

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Thanks again…!!!

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It is easier to just go to the video’s properties and then turn off the audio track. I think the audio just snaps back to the original track once it is deleted when you split and delete.

Thanks Carl,!!

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