Audio track not being loaded

I have an mp4 file that plays correctly in VLC and WMP but where the audio track is not loaded by Shotcut. It knows that there is stereo audio present as this is listed under audio properties but no audio plays, the level meters don’t show anything and if I put the file on the timeline there is no audio waveform. The problem only affects this one file and I can’t see any reason for it. The application log looks normal, with no errors, and includes the usual audio opened line.
I have searched to see if this is a known problem but can’t find any mention of it. I am using the latest shotcut version (22.11.25) but the problem also exists on 22.10. Does anybody have any ideas?

Try using Properties > Convert on this file.

Thanks Dan, that worked. As it opened successfully with no logged errors I didn’t even think of converting it, especially as I’ve had another file which Shotcut automatically offered to convert when I attempted to open it. I would have thought that Shotcut could have detected that there was an issue and either offered to convert the file or raised an error. Is this a bug?

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