Audio track gets deleted when I insert a video

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Windows 11

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Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a project that includes 10 videos and 10 audio files, so a total of 20 files. I take each video and audio file and edit them using Shotcut. After I finish editing one video, I move on to the next and attach it to the previous video. Now, when I tried to work on the 3rd video, I encountered a strange issue. Whenever I put the audio file in the audio track and try to add the video, the audio track disappears. I don’t know why this is happening because the first two videos I worked on didn’t have this problem. I’ve included a video that demonstrates this issue.

Hi @Imad_Saddik

This is not a bug.
Just disable the Ripple and Ripple All Tracks buttons.

@MusicalBox Thank you so much, that is why I didn’t have this problem earlier because those 2 buttons were disabled, but then I activated them :sweat_smile:

You’re welcome @Imad_Saddik.
Now you’ll know what to look for when it happens again :wink:
I’m pretty certain this little accident happened to all of us.
I forget to disable those buttons quite often too.

Exactly, we learn from our mistakes.

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you know what i just thought of? what about, for pretty destructive things like this – having as part of shotcut’s tool-tips or other popup alerts – an alert for “caution - ripple on” when you paste – like when you try to type a password in windows, but there’s a popup telling you your caps lock is on. i mean something that can be turned off in shotcut settings " [ ] no longer show me this warning " etc… just a thought…

That would be an option. But most people would turn it off after a while… I know I would.
It would get annoying to have this alert popup each time you intentionally use Ripple or Ripple on All Tracks.

My suggestion would be to make the icons turn red (and, why not, flash on and off) when those tools are active.

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