Audio Track Broken when using filters on any track

Help, I found a glitch, the sound on audio track becomes broken/laggy when using filters and it seems to break when speeding up video in properties tab. Windows 10, Shotcut version 18.09.16

You have to be much more specific. Read this.

shotcut version 18.09.16. audio in audio track becomes laggy example like when a stereo/CD is sticking / repeating, this happened when adding any filter too video track or changing speed in properties tab.

Try the new version (v18.10.08) that was just release several days ago and see if the issue still occurs there.

Also, as the post I linked to you suggested, please state your operating system and your computer specs.

ok will update and see if it works

Sigh. It is the first thing listed under Fixes for the latest version:

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