Audio timeline is pushing video timeline


I am done all editing of my video. I pull it up and it lays out on timeline like it should. I retrieve music I want for what scene, I bring it in shotcut and as music plays, there is a white screen. I drag it down after creating an audio timeline and the I am able to place the music in the timeline like it should. The problem is instead of it saying OVERWRITE like it should…it says INSERT. This causes the audio clip to push the video clip away (as if they were in the same timeline). So in other words, the music clip plays first and when that’s done that’s when the video starts. I want both audio and video to be together.


John Paul

Hi @Ohnjay. Make sure the Ripple and Ripple all tracks buttons are off:

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Hi… and thank you…I turned off the Ripple effects and it worked!!! Once again thank you, saved me alot of time.


I turned off Ripple effects and it worked! Thank you!!!

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