Audio Sync setting for Audio Tracks


I have a video track (with audio) and another, separate audio-only track in my project. Only I realized the video wasn’t synced with its own audio. So I set the audio sync to 900ms ish to do that and the video track is now synced with its own audio fine, which is great.
But here’s the issue:
Because apparently that setting shifts the video and not the audio, my lone audio-only track is now also out of sync with the video track.
And I’ve noticed that the sync setting doesn’t seem to work on audio-only tracks.
I’ve managed to convert 900 ms to about 54 frames in because it’s 60fps and so just moved my audio track ahead but that’s not very precise at all.
Is there anyway to use the audio sync setting on audio-only tracks?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, you have to move the audio clip as you have done. The precision depends on the frame rate. Shotcut does not give sample-level precision for audio editing.

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