Audio "stuttering" please help

What is your operating system?
Windows 10 64bit

Whenever I record audio in audacity and bring it into shotcut it starts to stutter and cut (see wave form photo beneath) Is there a way to fix this? The audio is fine when I play the original file it only stutters when I bring it into shotcut

The music I brought in was fine it’s the top audio track

Does it stutter when you export, or is the stuttering only during preview? If it’s the preview, try editing in proxy mode

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Hey thank you for the reply! I did that and it fixed it, Not sure what was going on there LOL! Thank you for your help!

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It’s your computer struggling to play it at full preview

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Hi, I’m new on here - I came searching for this topic.

Many thanks for the proxy mode fix. This improved it a little but stutter was still pretty bad for me. (have noted it down for future just in case!)

If anyone else finds proxy mode doesn’t work for them, check your Audio channels.
Mine was set to “2 (stereo)”. Changing this to “6 (5.1)” stopped the stuttering completely.

Found by sheer luck - the proxy tip gave me the head start to be in the correct menu, thanks again … :smiley:


Good catch

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