Audio Static or Audio Clicking

So I have been using Shotcut for a while. Its easy to use and it is good with a variety of things. But now when I use Shotcut it makes a bad audio clicking noise. This happens even when there is no noise in the video. I have restarted my computer, changed headphones, tried out different applications, and everything else is fine, it is just Shotcut. Is there a way to fix this?

What is your version?
Did you recently start working with frame rate > 30?

It is set to 25 frames per second and has the same effect when the frame rate is 60. The clicking is just in Shotcut. The exported video does not have the same audio static.

I found a solution, I updated shotcut and my PC drivers and it no longer has this problem.

This is a known bug in version 19.12.16 for Windows that was fixed in version 19.12.31.

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