Audio spectrum plugin?

Is there a plugin to allow Audio Spectrum visualisation?


thanks Steve, what version is that in?
I have 18.01 and do not have that filter :neutral_face:

It’s in video filters.

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Apologies = yes I know where filters are but I do not have that filter and wonder what version it is in?

it’s in V18.01. Don’t know why you don’t have it.

OK I will reinstall and see what eventuates :slight_smile:

You are only looking at the favorite filters. Click on the video icon as @sauron circled in his screenshot. It is in the complete list of video filters.

Thanks - I am back on deck, I had to reinstall as there was some sort of glitch.
Is there any intent to make an option for visuals for spectrum? ie circle or edge of graphic?
Would be useful for music and other integrations…S
thanks so much for a great piece of software :slight_smile: and friendly assistance