Audio slows down with multiple audio tracks

Hi all

Tried to import Prores 422 clip with 16 audio channels into SC
(version 17.08.01 running on macOS Sierra 10.12.4).

Attached a short clip with colour bars and 1KHz tone as a test. (2.9 MB)

It plays fine (video and audio) until it’s dragged onto the timeline at which point the audio slows right down.

Please note that although there are 16 audio tracks, only the first two have the tone on it.

Is this a known bug and if so, has it been fixed in later versions?

Thanks in advance.

I was not able to perceive a problem when I put the provided sample file into the Timeline. I assume by “slows down” you mean it plays at a lower pitch.

Wait v17.08?! Yeah, it is fixed since then. I tested in v18.11.18 - the latest. It was probably fixed when we introduced support for surround sound in v18.05, but I do not recommend that version.

In the future, I would appreciate it if you test it yourself in latest before reporting as a bug.

I get that, however I did specifically mention the SC version in the beginning of my post.
Don’t want to have to download the new version, only to find that the bug possibly still persists or finding new bugs then reverting back to an older version.

Since you have confirmed that ver 18.11.18 is the one to go for, that is what I will do.
Thank you.

With windows you can install multiple versions, never having to give up an older version.
I just install to a new directory every time (Windows 10).

(Instructions for Mac OS, Linux & Windows, from the FAQ)


But I rarely use them from the menu, as I put them on my bottom task bar.

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