Audio Recorded in Shotcut Stutters

MAC OS 14.3.1
Shotcut 24.01.31
1920x1080 @ 23.976024 fps

I am trying to record a voice over using the “Record Audio” feature in Shotcut. This produces an audio track with lots of stutter. I have preview scaling set to 360p and I am using proxies.

To eliminate variables with my file or with heavy processing, I created a new project with nothing but a black video track and tried recording audio again but got the same results. If I play the .opus file in VLC the stuttering is still present. If I record audio in Audacity I get no stuttering.

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This is a known problem on macOS. You can easily record audio in Quicktime Player too. If you know ffmpeg you can see the command line in the application log like ffmpeg -f avfoundation -i none:foo -flush_packets 1 -y voiceover.opus
Maybe you can find a way to improve it.

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hi, did you find any solution? best regards! =)

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