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Hi All !

Is there a keyboard shortcut for recording audio?

  • Can we record sound in the player section?

Big screen monitors are not a problem. But when working on the laptop, the sound recording cannot be synchronized because the screen is small.

Thank you.

This does not exist.

This is not currently possible.

Can you explain this better or show a screenshot of the problem?

I understand your suggestion of having a keyboard shortcut, but I do not quite understand why you are asking for it.


  • Screenshot: small screen on laptop. because I recorded sound according to the image by looking at the screen…

I think it would be great if there was a sound recording facility in the player part.- I recommend it.

@Ertan any of these layouts can be modified to fit your needs.


If you add the Timeline to the Player layout, maybe the preview will still be big enough for you to clearly see all the details of the video.

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Also, if you hide the tool bar while in the Player layout, the preview will be slightly bigger.

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There wasn’t much of a difference.

this is the solution for now.

Thank you so much.

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You’re welcome @Ertan

my suggestion :
in the player

1- presence of microphone symbol.
2- or providing access with a keyboard shortcut.

Thank you so much.

That is the speaker/volume symbol. Not microphone.

You can always break out the timeline, or any panel, as a window to float on top of Shotcut.


Yes I know. I mentioned the microphone symbol that maybe it can be added in the new shotcut version.

There was a solution for now with the method mentioned by friends. remove toolbars and open timeline.

but not the complete solution. Because the video clip screen remains small. for laptop

Thank you.

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