Audio rate control in Custom Preset

Hello all,

I’ve been experimenting with saved Custom Presets and they work ok for snapping the settings from the current A/V Export config EXCEPT for the Audio Rate Control setting. It doesn’t appear in the Custom Preset list and the value I selected when saving the preset is not restored when I load the preset. Would someone kindly advise what the correct command line is for including the audio rate control selection (Average, Constant or Quality Based VBR)?

Shotcut Portable 22.12.21 (but this has been the case for earlier versions too)
Windows10 22H2


I tried to follow your description to the letter, but saving a custom Export Preset seems to work fine for me (Windows 10, Shotcut v22.12.21).

In the example below, I changed the Rate control to Quality-based VBR, then saved as a preset.
When I reuse the preset, it works as intended.

Maybe you just forgot to give a name to your preset? It won’t be saved if the Name field is left empty.

I’ve saved the presets as required and verified that Constant Bit Rate is not saved. Average Bit Rate and Quality Based VBR work but not Constant Bit Rate. I’m going to resubmit this as a bug.

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