Audio problem with newly imported video after closing previous project

I recently discovered a “quirk” in Shotcut. If you Close your just finished exported video (answering yes or no to the save question) and then open/import a new video for a new project, Shotcut screws up the played audio of the new video. (The sound is scratchy with dropped sound here and there.)

However, this problem seems able to be easily demonstrated with ANY video. Here’s a short video from the export problem I’ve also posted about earlier: (241.2 KB)

but you can use any of your own videos as well. You don’t even need to edit the video in any way.

Just Open/import your video and, after you’ve heard enough of the video to remember what it sounds like, then Close the video. (You don’t need to do any editing whatsoever.) Open/import the same (or another) video. Shotcut’s audio playback of the most recent Open/import is scratchy with occasional very short dropouts.

I presume that, currently, the only work-around is to shut down Shotcut and restart it from scratch (in other words, don’t do multiple projects on the same instance of Shotcut). I don’t know why this happens, but I hope it can be fixed some day.


This is a duplicate of the problem already reported and fixed for the next version: