Audio Peak Meter shows different values

Audio Peak Meter shows different values than Audio Loudness (379.0 KB)

It is a standardized stable sine test tone with 1 kHz and -9 dB. 16 bit, 44.1 kHz PCM wave.

In the audio and video editing programs I am familiar with, this tone also shows at -9 dB level. In Shotcut the level shows about -7.1 dB. In Shotcut Audo Loudness it is exact -9,0dB.

Double the audio (in the timeline in two tracks on top of each other) and it should come out quite accurately -3 dB. In Shotcut approx. -1 dB is displayed.

Is this a bug?

Yeah, the labels are a little off in the peak meter. I improved it for the next release. But they are not going to be perfect. You should not try to interpret the peak meter to 0.1dB accuracy.

By the way, have you tried “Open->Other->Audio Tone”? You can use that to create sine waves at specific db levels.

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Now I tried a sine tone of -9dB generated by Shotcut: The Audio Peak Meter shows -7.4dB here, and -7.1dB for the standardized tone.

I got the sound from a friend who is a video editor at a TV station. He tells me the sound is a standardized one. And he confirmed to me that the deviation is even greater in Kdenlive.

It’s great how quickly you improve the important things.

Say Brain, are you at all comfortable with me as a newbie pointing out small mistakes or asking for improvement so often? I hope very much not to burden you with it or to get on your nerves. I have not forgotten that I have no right whatsoever. Also, I am aware of having finally landed on a software that offers me a lot. I can finally implement my video ideas just as confidently as I used to on Windows with Vegas Pro.


Are we looking at the same “Peak Meter”? How can you tell the difference between -7.4 and -7.1?

It is not designed to represent decimal precision.

As long as you don’t mind that sometimes I respond slow or forget to respond :slight_smile:
I think that suggestions are good because sometimes they spur good discussion.

Hover over the bars with the mouse. The tooltip has decimals.

Yes, hold the mouse over it and you will see the decimal numbers.

This has never happened to me. I find that you all answer very conscientiously and also quickly. Thank you

Ha ha! I thought you were getting those numbers by interpreting the labels on the side.

I see what you mean that the numbers don’t make sense. I’ll look into that.

This is fixed for the next release. Thanks for the report.

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