Audio Notification When Export Complete

I would love to have an audio notification when the export is complete. I often have the Shotcut tab minimized while it encodes for export and would appreciate a subtle notification that the job is complete.


Please don’t make this the default if you do!(although it would be a good option for that and/or email notices for longer exports)

Ha ha ha. Ow like most users computer fans are not loud enuf to know when it is done rendering. I’m sure you have a watercolled 20core cpu monster with the radiators pumps and fans outside of the house :wink: Most users are probably burning a hole threw the table when rendering(old laptops)

But seriously. Buy a 2$ egg timer… Shotcut give you a estimat time left for a reason.

jokes aside the fans in most systems i’ve worked with don’t get super cranked when exporting from shotcut, even one of those 12 core monsters(on air!) has hardly any change in volume when exporting.

meybe a “on complete, run command” world work, that way you can run a pushover script, email script or play a audio file when its done

this would satisfy most people

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I think it would be nice if there was such a feature.

I agree with that, it would be a nice feature.