Audio Not Playing- No "Fixes" Working


None of my audio is playing in a project I am working on. I have looked at related threads and tried suggested fixes without much luck at all.

So far, I have:
-Checked to make sure the track isn’t muted, both on the tracks and the preview player
-Removed all audio filters
-Checked that the audio channel settings are all on stereo (2)
-Checked that Windows hasn’t muted the app
-Tried listening with and without headphones
-Restarted computer and app
-Downloaded latest version of Shotcut

What else can I try?

Can you post a picture of the timeline of your project?
And was the audio working when you started the project?

The audio was working when I started!

What’s the filter you have on the Output track?

Oh geez! Mute! I didn’t even know that output filters existed, let alone how that happened. That fixed everything. Thank you for your help!

You’re welcome. :wink:

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