Audio not in sync on export

Moc OS 10.14.6
Shotcut 24.1…31
I have a music video that is aligned and synced in timeline. When I export, the separate audio track is one second early. I’ve tried many export options to no avail.
I’ve read other threads but no. answer. Help?

It would be helpful to show a screenshot of your project so we can see what clips and tracks you have.

One reason could be if Shotcut has trouble seeking in your clip, or they have variable frame rate but Shotcut does not detect it.

As an experiment, try to convert your video clips using the instructions here:

Do the converted clips provide better synchronization?

Hello, did you check that the input video audio sampling frequency does match the output video audio sampling frequency (not codec depended)!
In case of a mismatch this might be the first thing to check (e.g. input 44100 Hz and output 48000 Hz). So It could be the conversation cannot be done 100% accuratly.