Audio is simply NOT WORKING!

I just started a new project as usual, and then, when i tried to press “play”, NO AUDIO played!
I don’t really know what happened, but

-I checked if the tracks had the "mute" filter on, and no there isn't
-I checked if the files i put had audio, wich they do, it just doesn't work on SC.
-I even enabled the "sound preview" or something of shotcut, it shows it's playing audio,
but it isn't actually playing in any of my audio outputs!

Please help!!!

Check if the main volume is muted:


Double click the speaker icon to mute/unmute

Check the volume mixer


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There is also a mute button on each track head


Bruh thanks, the player was muted .-.
tbh, a feature that said “You’re playback is muted!” whenever you press play would be very useful.
Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome @Emqsa

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